Here at Fox & Flora our style is often garden inspired - romantic, whimsical, and a little wild. We believe in tailoring every project- be it a wedding, shower, birthday celebration, or corporate event- to every unique client. The flowers at your event should not only be drop dead gorgeous, but should also be a reflection of who you are. We know that the small and unexpected details are often the most memorable and we strive to bring those elements to every celebration/occassion.

We are committed to using as many seasonal and local ingredients as possible. You will get the widest variety and the freshest blooms. Not to mention, you are supporting the many amazing and hardworking flower farmers in this country. 

Having a wedding outside of Southern California? We love to travel! We’ll bring you Fox & Flora blooms anywhere in California, across state lines, and abroad!

Let's turn your vision into a reality and make something beautiful together!